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Ginger steak roast beef

Ginger steak roast beef
sirloin beef (silverside) wet extract – 400 g, ginger – 6-7 cm (the size of a lime), unagi sauce – 4 tbsp, lime juice – 3 tbsp, chili pepper – 1 PC., olive oil (OM) – 3 tbsp
Step 1

Start with the marinade: ginger cleared and rubbed on a small grater, turning it into a juicy pulp, its happened 3 tbsp. Thoroughly mix the ginger with the lime juice, OHMS and unagi (eel sauce). Unagi is quite thick, so if desired, you can add water, but I didn't. There should definitely try, should delicious, and exactly tart-sour-sweet...

Step 2

I had a big piece of wet-aged beef sirloin, silverside (or silverwall), which means "the best part of a Silverside of beef" (or hamstrings, or Catherine), and as often happens, though, this top-notch, but not the most authoritative part with a dissonant in the Russian version the name was perfect. I butchered the fascia, receiving several pieces of the flesh, and one of them immediately decided to make this cross a narrow and thick prostak-polarorbit...

Step 3

Please note, this piece of beef quite a lot of thin connective tissues, because the cut we originally from the "work" of the thigh. Part of collagen in already softened due to aging, the rest will go after baking. So, I put the meat in a container with marinade, sprinkle on all sides of the slices of Chile and left for 5 hours in the fridge...

Step 4

During this time a couple of times to flip the meat, then cleaned the piece from the marinade. After the meat was warmed up to room temperature, I lightly seasoned and sealed in a hot wok. Opponents of this manipulation can safely skip this paragraph. I put the meat on a baking sheet with grille, slightly watered marinade and sent in the oven at t = 80C for half an hour...

Step 5

During this time 2 more times poured marinade, left to "reach" for another 20 minutes at t = 50C. That's what I got...

Step 6

Wise with serving me did not want — so fragrant and delicious the meat turned out, that it could only play solo. I just watered it with unagi sauce, sprinkle green onions and roasted Chile...

Step 7

All who are familiar with the technique of low temperature (gentle) baking, and I know how juicy and tender the meat turns light pink almost the entire surface of the slice with minimal grey edge...

Step 8

Look no collagen veins! In less than two hours of slow baking they safely disappeared!
Preparation time
2 h
Cooking time
5 h 30 min
Ginger steak roast beef
Ginger steak roast beef
Ginger steak roast beef
Ginger steak roast beef
Ginger steak roast beef
Ginger steak roast beef