Recipes \ Spaghetti arancini (Arancini di spaghetti)

Spaghetti arancini (Arancini di spaghetti)

Spaghetti arancini (Arancini di spaghetti)
spaghetti "Rolton" - 250 g minced meat - 100 g turmeric - 2 tbsp, onion - 1 piece tomato paste - 2 tbsp. yolk of egg - 2 PCs cheese varieties 150 g, butter - 25 g + 2 tsp, olive oil - 5 tbsp. red wine - 3 tbsp flour - 75 g, water - 180 ml bread crumbs - 250 g salt, pepper to taste, vegetable oil for deep frying to taste canned green peas - 4 tbsp
Step 1

Cheese (120 g) RUB on a small grater.

Step 2

In a large pot boil the spaghetti. While cooking add turmeric dissolved in water. Cook the pasta according to the time indicated on the package.

Step 3

Ready to drain the pasta through a colander. Put in a bowl and season with olive oil (3 tbsp). Mix well and allow to cool completely.

Step 4

While spaghetti is cooling, separate the egg yolks from the whites.

Step 5

The cooled spaghetti to put the softened butter, mix well.

Step 6

Then add grated cheese, mix well and add the egg yolks and again mix well.

Step 7

Spaghetti to cut kitchen scissors.

Step 8

Cover tightly with cling film and put into the fridge overnight.

Step 9

Slice remaining cheese in small pieces.

Step 10

Fine chop the onion.

Step 11

Fry in olive oil (2 tbsp) with the addition of butter (2 tsp) until translucent.

Step 12

Add the beef and cook for 7 minutes. Then add the tomato paste diluted in water. Season with salt and pepper and simmer another 20 minutes on low heat.

Step 13

In prepared stuffing add the green peas, mix well.

Step 14

To prepare arancini to take a little bit of paste and forming on the palm of the flapjack with a hollow in the middle. In the center of tortillas put the meat and cheese pieces.

Step 15

To mold balls. Ready balls cover with cling film and refrigerate for 25 minutes.

Step 16

Prepare the batter: mix water, flour and salt. Stir with a whisk to avoid lumps.

Step 17

Get the arancini out of the fridge. Prepare the dish with the breadcrumbs. Roll each bun first in batter and then in breadcrumbs.

Step 18

Fry the arancini in hot oil for 5 minutes, until Golden brown.

Step 19

Ready balls to put on a paper towel to remove excess fat. I got 16 buns.

Step 20

Bon appetit!
Preparation time
1 h 30 min
Cooking time
8 h
Spaghetti arancini (Arancini di spaghetti)
Spaghetti arancini (Arancini di spaghetti)