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Vegetarian "doctor's sausage"

Vegetarian "doctor
ground nutmeg – a pinch Bay leaf – 2-3 PC., peeled peas (yellow) – about 2 cups black peppercorns – a few pieces sunflower oil – 100 ml salt – to taste black pepper – to taste garlic – 5-7 cloves or to taste, beet juice – 2-3 tbsp, coriander powder – 2-3 tsp
Step 1

Decided today to cook ordinary pea puree and did not intend to describe, and even more, anything to remove - obviously not a masterpiece :). But then suddenly remembered about the interesting way of serving this dish. Think someone might be useful, especially those who, for one reason or another doesn't eat meat generally or temporarily (e.g., during lent). Because originally it was going to be the ordinary mashed, then cooked it was not quite the consistency, which should be in this recipe – the sauce should be much thicker that is thick. This was reflected in the appearance of the final product, but I decided to capture it, so you can have a view and, if desired, could cook. The next time this dish is scheduled, I will do the right thing and just replace the photo. You see that the "sausage" turned our watery for the above reason. Now tell me how it is done. The peas soak for 1.5-2 hours, if you have a pea cereal, it's just wonderful - they do not need to be soaked and they cook very quickly – just 10 minutes. I had today a pea. After soaking put it in the pan and cook like thick pea puree, stirring and podsalivaya, as cooking.

Step 2

While puree is cooking, we prepared the spices and everything you need to our kitchen (albeit briefly) turned into a "sausage" workshop! ))

Step 3

For beet juice you will need a raw beet, which must grate on the fine grater. I rubbed on tairovskoe that I unfairly disliked, and then she was at thinking in the economy is indispensable. Rubbed the "barbed" side. It is good that when you need the juice of the same beets or carrots, it almost starts to stand out in the rubbing process, so as RUB the product turns into a pulp, and juicing no problem. Now we are fully prepared and ready for the cooking process!

Step 4

Our peas are cooked, become soft, and we can turn it into puree! Recall that the consistency of the peas should be thicker than in the photo. Using a blender blend the peas are a no – brainer! Watery, however, it turns out mashed potatoes... But, given my warnings, you will not allow this!

Step 5

Now, whipping mashed potatoes with a mixer, begin to gradually add the ground coriander, pepper, oil, garlic, nutmeg (constantly whisking and very slowly) and beet juice (add little by little to get the desired color). The entire procedure with the whipping we produce, until puree is hot.

Step 6

Now find an empty plastic bottle and cut off her top – form for "sausage" is ready! I apologize for such "obscene" circumcision. But the other bottle I had! We shift our "stuff" in the bottle and to speed up the cooling process, put the bottle in a bowl of ice, and of water, of course! Leave until the water temperature will be close to ambient, and then cover with something and put in the refrigerator to "sausage" well stuck.

Step 7

After hardening of the cut along with scissors our bottle and then the air comes in and "sausage" slips out easily! I have it levanenka cut, because it is watery and it's not going anywhere. So you will not be disappointed, just warning you that even with a thick mash, our "sausage" will not be as supple and elastic as real. Well, the taste is very pleasant, if you have a good attitude pea puree. With garlic, with spices and, given the quality of current doctoral sausage, I can say that somewhere even taste like))) just saw that I missed something. When cooking peas add a few peas of black pepper and, at the end of cooking - a couple of Bay leaves – this will increase the spicy flavor. That's all! Bon appetit!

Step 8

And here is the promise of "sausage" it's the right consistency!
Cooking time
1 h
Vegetarian "doctor
Vegetarian "doctor
Vegetarian "doctor
Vegetarian "doctor
Vegetarian "doctor