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Bresaola with cinnamon and rosemary

Bresaola with cinnamon and rosemary
duck breast fillet – 2 PCs, salt big (!) – 2 tbsp, a mixture of 5 peppers – 2 teaspoon, sugar – 0.5 tsp, ground cinnamon – 2 tbsp rosemary — 2 stalks
Step 1

The principle is the same – first fillet liberally with salt rubbed with a mixture of peppers, put in a container on the grid and sent in the fridge for 2 days. Periodically turned and poured the liquid released, it was a little. When the fillets become almost dry, washed away the remnants of spices and dried with paper towels. He rubbed the sugar into powder and mixed with cinnamon, this mixture rubbed filet...

Step 2

And now the most important thing – I put the breast so to get the rolls with the maximum amount of skin (and fat) out! Tightly its tied with cooking string, which here and there have inserted needles of rosemary...

Step 3

My purpose is that rosemary, fading, will give a flavor to the duck, like rose petals at the anflerazh impregnate animal fat with ethers. Also, my brain has long excited the idea Societate coniferous astringency of rosemary with spicy soft cinnamon. Digress. The duck was me wrapped tightly in a clean canvas. The drying process took place still in the crisper drawers the fridge, but this time I have lasted almost 4 weeks, still fat significantly prevented fluid loss. And that's what I got at the outlet...

Step 4

I like to complement the duck ham sour-salty capers or olives, for me it's the perfect combination of flavors... speaking of flavors – from cinnamon (and it was quite a lot), left a subtle aroma, but the taste of the meat was indescribably pleasant. I think no one can accurately and objectively to formulate a cinnamon taste, but it's beautiful and goes well with the duck perfectly. Rosemary also lived up to my expectations, saying bresaola light and fresh spruce fragrance. Well, fat certainly gave the duck an extra portion of tender juiciness...

Step 5

That's bresaola looks like a minute after the freezer, gloss significantly less, but cutting is more pleasant...

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Preparation time
5 min
Cooking time
720 h
Bresaola with cinnamon and rosemary
Bresaola with cinnamon and rosemary