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Diner song

Diner song
salad (leaves), fine sea salt – to taste pepper – to taste lemon (juice) – to taste, Parma ham (Prosciutto), olive oil, Parmesan cheese – for every taste, prepared yeast dough, red cabbage, sausage – any flavor, cabbage, carrots medium size
Step 1

Knead yeast dough (I kneaded in the bread machine based on 1 Cup of liquid). From the dough (1/3) on a baking sheet to lay out 5 items for a "snack tree" as shown in the illustration.

Step 2

Of the other 1/3 of the dough to prepare the details for "diner carts".

Step 3

The rest of the dough to form the bars of elongated shape - it will be "wood."

Step 4

All items are bake in the oven. Of the five parts to assemble the tree,it is necessary all items are positioned vertically, gathering together and pin in two places with string.

Step 5

Collect all the details of the "carts" by attaching wheels to the body with wooden sticks. Thin slices of ham to wrap around the branches of the tree. From cheese and sausage to cut (with the help of molds for cookies) flowers and fasten them to the tree using toothpicks. In the "cart" to put the bars .

Step 6

Cabbage and lettuce to shred. From red cabbage to cut flowers out of carrots, you can cut peonies to flower. Prepared vegetables put them in a large serving dish. Just before serving drizzle the salad with olive oil, lemon juice, optional salt and pepper.

Step 7

After to plant the "flowering tree" on the salad. Next to put the cart. And the composition is ready! Bon appetit and a great inspiration!
Cooking time
2 h 30 min
Diner song
Diner song
Diner song
Diner song